Course Details

Class: HORT-130 - Turf Grass Management
Units: 1.5
Course Description: This course will introduce the study of turf grass management including identification, production, installation, and maintenance. Regional irrigation methodology, fertilization regimes, pests and diseases of turf, and new cultivars are emphasized. CSU


Class: HORT-160 - Plant Propagation
Recommended: Recommended: HORT-110 and eligibility for ENGL-122 or equivalents
Units: 1.5
Course Description: This course will introduce students to the principles and practices of plant propagation from seed and vegetative material to marketable nursery stock. The key concepts of physiological processes, environmental requirements and techniques required for successful plant production will be covered. CSU


Class: HORT-296 - Internship in Occupational Work Experience Education in HORT
Note: In order to enroll in the HORT-296 course, students must be interning or volunteering, register for the course, complete an online Employment Form, and participate in an orientation. The Employment Form can be accessed at Incomplete grades are not awarded for this course
Units: 1-4
Course Description: HORT-296 is a supervised internship in a skilled or professional level assignment in the student’s major field of study or area of career interest. Under the supervision of a college instructor, students will engage in on-the-job and other learning experiences that contribute to their employability skills and occupational or educational goals. Internships may be paid, non-paid, or some partial compensation provided. Five hours work per week or seventy-five hours work per term is equal to one unit (paid) or one unit for four hours work per week or sixty hours per term (unpaid work). Students may earn up to a maximum of sixteen units; repetition allowed per Title 5 Section 55253. CSU